Transitioning to a New Job? Find it, get it, excel at it!

10 Things you can do to Find and Prepare for a New Job

Are you looking for a new job? Not only are you not sure where to find it but, what to do?

If you’re feeling lost in this whole process here’s 10 things to START!

This company helps individuals not only grow their skills in Career, Capital, Care, and Community, but grow themselves! One of the biggest things an individual needs to do when they look for a new job is find themselves and realize what job they really want to do!

Establishing your purpose and passion can make your day job not seem like a job! It can become something that you count the minutes you’re not there or willingly do some overtime for.

There are always a lot of reasons to change jobs. You may be experiencing:

  • Contract ending
  • Burned out
  • Don’t like the responsibilities
  • Bad boss
  • Don’t feel fulfilled
  • Salary, Benefits, and time just aren’t it!

If you feel like you really need some coaching on how to get out and get fulfillment, Book a Personal Consultant to walk you through, step-by-step!

No matter why you’re leaving, it’s time. Get out a pen and paper and read some tips to make this whole process a little smoother.

  1. Start keeping a notebook

You didn’t magically start disliking your job today. It’s probably something that has been building up. Whether it was events in your day-to-day or overall experience with the company, keeping a record of each gives you some coherent information for the next steps.

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  1. Figure out What You Liked

Although it may not seem like it in the moment, there were things you liked. Whether it was the people, perks, salary, or overall culture, there were things about this job you did like. The experience you had in this job is not wasted. You can make decisions about what became important to you in your job happiness and prioritize them in your search.

  1. Figure out WHY You’re Leaving

There’s many reasons to leave a job, but if it’s really time for you to go, you need to figure out why. Maybe it’s one of the reasons listed above. Or, maybe you have that gut feeling. Whatever it is, you need to list it out so you don’t make that mistake again. Remember, no job is going to mistake because every step you take in life leads you down another path.

  1. Figure out Your WHY

So many people start on a job because it was offered to them. Other people at least have some interest in what they thought they’d be doing. The job you’re in you have for a reason but whether it serves you as a platform or lesson, that’s on you to find out! Use what you learned from this job or the past to show you what you WANT your next step to be. If you can find your WHY – your purpose, what drives you, you can make your job your passion.

This can be the hardest and deepest part. If you need help or a sounding board, click here

  1. Find out What’s Out There

So many times people think their job is all they have right now. There’s a reason there’s an unlimited amount of job resources out there. There are SO many different jobs you could be doing, but you need to take the time to find out what they are. Do a quick Google search of some jobs or companies and see what interests you.

  1. Find time to … NETWORK

Networking is an over-used and under-explained term. Every professional tells someone to network. It’s true the act of networking is important, but it’s what becomes of it that matters. It’s not about how many Linkedin followers you can grow, but how many meaningful relationships you can call upon.

If you want to build your own networking list and schedule, click here

  1.  Find time to Be Busy

This isn’t time to be busier at work or pick up any new projects to fill your time. This is time you set aside to distance yourself from something you find negative! Whether it’s visiting a zoo, reading, watching sports, looking at houses, or shopping the Outlets of Amazon, you need to find a hobby. Your WHY and hobby might check similar boxes but remember – a hobby fills your time, not your purpose!

  1.  Prioritize Looking and Being Your Best

Even during the period where you think you don’t care and you don’t mind if people see it, that’s not it. When searching for the new job, you would be surprised the depth of networks that are out there. Someone you work with or for could not only know your next employer, but help you get there. It might not be where you want to set your priorities, but it’s where your priorities need to APPEAR.

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  1. Figure out Your New Routine

Transitional periods are hard for anyone involved. In your case, you will have a new worksite, title, responsibilities, and co-workers. Just like your company’s HR will create a new schedule and put measures in place to ease the transition of a new worker, you need to ease your own transition. Create or modify your routine to be something you look forward to like a “First Day of Work”! Set in stone a wakeup, shower, self care, and other times that you can practice now, to carry on to your net job!

  1. Time to Be Patient With Yourself

For someone who already feels a lot of emotion about their current job, the idea of starting again is going to be overwhelming! Know that you are not starting from scratch – what you have you can now grow in. The skills you’ve gained from this job will only serve you in your new one! If you know that what is coming next is meant for you, it will calm you. If you’re really feeling like you need someone to talk to or walk you through the process, Book a Personal Consultant !

If you’re feeling lost in your search, your memories are not serving you!

Do what you know you love, and find a way to make that a 9-5! The experiences you’ve gone through will give you some clarity into what you see in your future. Whether it’s using the tips listed here or doing some soul searching, do yourself a favor and start fulfilling your purpose today!


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