“The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will.”

Andy Warhol

Social Media, Influencers & Programming

Social media is no longer just for networking – it’s the most powerful advertising tool today and if you don’t have an Instagram, no one knows who you are! In both short and long-term packages, meetings will focus on creating and breaking down social media marketing for your business. Ideation and Strategy surrounding social media, intro to influencer marketing, contract and marketing templates included, with personal introductions extra.

Intro Meeting
Hourly Check-ins
Ideation & Strategy Meetings
Pricing and Rate Setting
Fill-in Contracts, NDAs, Campaign Briefs
+ Contact / Company Introductions (extra)
Packages for start-ups, brands, and those interested in growing their social media, brand, and programming

Partnerships and Consulting

It’s not about who you know, but who knows you. Both corporate and personal sponsors bring new audiences, authority, and trust to your business. Use communication strategies and templates to partner with the right brands and individuals and establish mutually beneficial relationships. Available: prospecting/negotiation/management of new partnerships and contracts.

Intro Meeting
Hourly Check-ins
Finding Partners & Sponsorships
Fill-in Contracts, NDA, Filing
+ Contact / Company Introductions (extra)
+ Contract Negotiation and Closing Deals (extra)
Companies and brands that are looking to find corporate or brand sponsors – available to prospect, negotiate, and manage new deals

Operational Consulting

New Business and new people – working with the current team to define roles and projects. Creating a project management database and system flow for current staff and setting up internship and new staffing programs. Templates included and the creation of baseline systems.

Team Intro and Overview
Hourly Check-ins
Project Management Tool set-up
Staff and Intern set-up/descriptions
Fill-in Staff and Project Management
Companies that are looking to grow or streamline their internal team and want a system for their staff / tasks